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"Steady Track" is a cutting edge technology applied to the Camelback Jigs
NEW Head Design Perfect for Flipping, Skipping or swimming
Head Design is Perfect for long distance Skipping under Docks or Overhangs.
Swimm it at High Speed without EVER rolling on its side.
360º Hook Protection lets you put this jig in places you never dared before without getting it hung-up.
Cast it with confidence without getting your trailer stuck on the HOOK...
No brushguard, No wire guard to Trim, Cut, Bend, or adjust.
The Camelback Jig simply uses a 4/0 "Slideoff Weedguard" for HAIR TRIGGER HOOK-SETS!!
All of the skirts on the Camelback Jigs are HAND TIED for maximum efficiency and increased flaring underwater.
"The Slideoff Weedguard" has been designed to deploy or expose the hook point ONLY during a fish bite for HAIR TRIGGER HOOK-SETS EVERY TIME
The Camelback Jig comes equipped with a 60º Mustad Ultra Point, pre-rigged with a 4/0 size SLIDEOFF WEEDGUARD and 5 extra weedguards to spare.